Your very own champagne. A champagne in harmony with your own style of cuisine or your environment. A cuvée of creation. What chef hasn’t dreamt of such a thing? What prestigious establishment would be able to resist?

The Duval-Leroy Sur-Mesure programme offers the great names in gastronomy (as well as the most promising) an ex-clusive opportunity to create a tailor-made champagne, a unique and personalised cuvée. There are not many houses which could take such a gamble in time and expertise. Duval-Leroy is one of the few. The ultimate expression of an aspirational champagne, this cuvée is composed according to the five fundamentals on which the excellence of the house is built:

Choosing, understanding, selecting, blending, refining… intelligently constructed at each stage of the process with the house’s cellarmaster, bespoke champagne is created step by step, so that the nose and palate of its designer will recognise it many years later when its promise is revealed. During a visit, also tailor made, the history of the house and the work of the cellarmaster and the teams at the estate will be revealed. The conditions are perfect for the creation the finest of  champagnes.

Displaying the same pioneering spirit, three renowned chefs collaborated with Duval-Leroy to create a memorable  champagne that reflects their image. This initiative also confirms one of our core convictions: that the pleasures of food and champagne are intrinsically linked.

The sommelier’s choice &

Produced from the exceptional harvest of 2008, the Cuvée des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Sommeliers, otherwise known as the “Cuvée M.O.F” is a superbly expressive champagne made from prestigious Premier and Grand Cru terroirs belonging to Duval-Leroy. The wonderful story behind this champagne began in the 1990s when the house supported the launch of the M.O.F. Sommeliers title, an honour bestowed on the country’s best sommeliers. It seemed only natural then to create a cuvée in harmony with the house style which refl ected the tastes of the M.O.F Sommeliers. Whilst a sommelier will generally favour an off-the-shelf champagne to pair with food, here the process consisted of collaborating with the sommelier from the beginning to create together a beautiful masterpiece.

And what a masterpiece! The Cuvée M.O.F. is intense and brilliant in colour with a remarkable aromatic palette, at once fresh, intense and refined. Aromas of white blossom, yellow fruits and brioche are superbly accentuated by a fine stream of bubbles.

The balance is magnificent and the perfect acidity prolongs this joy-to-drink champagne with unbelievable persistence.

More than ever, this highly acclaimed champagne expresses the values of sharing and pleasure so close to the house’s heart.

Cuvée Meilleurs Ouvriers de France