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a woman in the champagne business

Carol Duval-Leroy,

President of Champagne Duval-Leroy,

joined the very select group of women involved in running champagne houses in 1991. After the sudden loss of her husband that same year, she became the company chairwoman. For ten years, the modernisation of production processes, the development of traditionnal distribution channels, the increased product range and expanded exports are all objectives that Carol Duval-Leroy has set for her company.

Today's the brand's whole image bears the mark of her passion for his profession


The President’s message

Over the past fifteen years my key priority has been to raise the quality of all our products to the highest level possible. The mark of our success in this endeavour has been shown in the number of top awards and medals that Duval-Leroy obtains regularly at national and international competitions.

My Goal

Fostering a spirit of dynamism which leads to the satisfaction for our customers through the pleasure and enjoyment derived from drinking our Champagnes.

The Means

  • Ownership of a prime vineyard estate and excellent partnership relations with our grape suppliers
  • Loyal and motivated staff
  • State-of-the-art plant & equipment in continual improvement and expansion

My philosophy

A striving for constant improvement, solid progress, and individual and collective development.