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Status : SAS
Capital : € 21.000.000,00
Headquarter address : 69, avenue de Bammental CS 20037 – 51130 VERTUS – FRANCE
Immatriculation : Registered in Châlons-en-Champagne under reference 735 820 045 00020.
Tel number  : +33 3 26 52 10 75
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Publication identification director : Julien Duval-Leroy
Site hosting :  OVH, SAS
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Treatment of the information – Law computing and liberties

The website exploited at the Internet address is the property of the company DUVAL-LEROY.

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Personal data

You can circulate on our Site without having to reveal of personal information as your name or your address, phone number or e-mail. The information that we could be brought to collect by means of the e-mails that you would send to us through the page “Contact” is exclusively intended for DUVAL-LEROY. The personal data of the Internet users collected by means of the web site are collected and treated in the respect for statutory provisions N 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 said Data protection acts. The person in charge of the treatment is the publisher of the web site such as identified above.

The personal data collected on the web site are exclusively intended for the publisher of the web site. No personal datum is given up or communicated with a third. These data have for end to answer the questions and the demands of information sent by the Internet users. The Internet user has a right of opposition for the collection of his data.

The Internet user is however informed that the data communicated by means of the present forms on the web site and identified by an asterisk are necessary to allow him to deal or to answer its messages.

The treatment of messages cannot be made if these data are not informed by the Internet user.

Access to the web site – legal Age

The site is a French web site which has for object to present the activity and the alcohols marketed by the company DUVAL-LEROY. Considering its object and information which it may contain, the access to the Site is exclusively reserve to the people having the legal age required to consume or buy some alcohol with regard to the regulations of the country from which the people visiting the Site reach the latter.

It is so reminded as in France, this legal age is fixed to 18 years. During the access to the Site, it is asked to the Internet user to declare that it has well the legal required age by clicking the compartment planned for that purpose.

The access to the Site will be possible then only for the Internet users having declared to have the legal age. Any false declaration will engage the responsibility of his author and could not engage the responsibility of the company DUVAL LEROY which is not capable of verifying the declarations of the Internet users.

Limitation of responsibility

Within the limits of the fact that the applicable legislation allows, neither DUVAL-LEROY, nor its affiliated companies – including, but without limiting itself to it however, all the leaders, the administrators, the employees and the agents – will be responsible towards you for damages, damages or disadvantages of whatever nature (including, but without limiting itself to it however, the damages for direct or indirect damage, corresponding to the incurred fringe expenses, the particular damages and with characters repressive, the profits lost as well as the damage resulting from the loss of data, from extensions of transmission, from the failure or from the interruption of department, from an error, from an omission, from an indistinctness in the contents), ensuing of or in connection with the use, ensuing of either in connection with the use or with the impossibility of use of this Site, whether it is in conformance with a guarantee, on the contractual or criminal plan or in any other title, without worrying to know if DUVAL-LEROY was or not careless or had knowledge of the eventuality of the emergence of such damage.


The DUVAL-LEROY company is responsible on no account for the contents of the possible sites towards which the Site manages you via hypertext links. DUVAL-LEROY arranges no control over these sites, does not publish them and does not watch them.