Julien explores the estate

Set in the tip of the Côte des Blancs, famed for its fine Chardonnays, Duval-Leroy is the only major
house on this terroir.

Responsible for 200 hectares of sustainably-farmed vines, we supplement our supply with meticulously selected grapes, predominantly Premier and Grand Cru, unheard of in Champagne.

Our estate is a family treasure that we strive to protect and enrich with all our efforts to guarantee the continuity of the house style.

The vineyard is managed to a particularly high standard as refl ected in our exacting and  environmentally-respectful approach to viticulture.

The knowledge handed down through six generations of the Duval-Leroy family has allowed us to demarcate vineyards to the finest level by creating micro-plots, which we feel is the only way to express the infinite complexity of the terroirs.

The Précieuses Parcelles collection is one important fruit of this precise approach.